Nutrition - easy and healthy

Health starts in the kitchen

Nutrition Consultation

You know you should!


Your body feels tired and you have no energy. Maybe your body hurts, you have a painful stomach, suffer from obstipation or you have a bloated stomach, maybe a bad skin, painful joints or anything like that.


Nutrition can be the key to help you end your pains and suffering.

Traveling and Fastening

I offer holidays on the island of Rügen in the north of Germany as well as in the "Alps of Saxony". 

We will hike everyday and enjoy pure nature! 


I will guide you through this fastening week, which is a really unique experience. 


For more information please contact me.

dōTERRA essential oils

Essential oils are holding a variety of benefits for the user.

Some are soothing, toning and grounding while others are known as energizing, uplifting, warming or renewing.

I use them everyday and they give me energy, support me and help me to relax.


Find out more about essential oils and how they can support you!