Nutrition - Easy and Healthy

a Healthy Life starts in the kitchen


My name is Maria and I will help you to find an easy way to a healthier lifestyle. 

We all know that it is very essentiell for our body and for our health what we eat every day. Nowadays, we can find everything we want at any time! But sometimes those things make us ill. We feel tired, we have no energy and we feel uncomfortable in ourselves. Take your time and do something about it! Let us have a look at your nutrition and see what we can improve. The right food has a big impact on our health, I found that out myself.

Prevention is better than cure, therefore I'm here for you.

Nutrition Consultation

You know you should!


Your body feels tired and you have no energy. Maybe your body hurts, you have a painful stomach, suffer from obstipation or you have a bloated stomach, maybe a bad skin, painful joints or anything like that.


Nutrition can be the key to help you end your pains and suffering.

Traveling and Fastening

A special healthy week!


I offer holidays in the north of Germany on the island of Rügen as well as in the "Alps of Saxony". We will hike every day and enjoy pure nature!  I will guide you through this fastening week, which is a really unique experience. 


For dates and more detailed information please contact me.

dōTERRA Essential oils

Small but beneficial!


Some essential oils can be soothing, toning and grounding. Others are  known as energizing, uplifting, warming or renewing. I use them daily. They give me energy, support me and help me to relax.


Find out more about essential oils and how they can support you!